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More than twenty-five years' experience have allowed Due-Erre Srl to perfect its machines for measuring and cutting machine-made chain. Reliable machines that can work the widest range of chain are an indispensable part of any company concerned with the quality of its final product. Thanks to the constant attention towards the needs of the customers-in continuous evolution-and of the market, Due-Erre Srl proposes new equipment today,designed and tested to reduce working times and improve quality.

Further more, for years this company from Romano d'Ezzelino (Vicenza) has been proposing its finished articles for the gold jewellery industry:

  • machinery for measuring and cutting industrial chains;
  • machinery for electric welding of chain ends;
  • electric welder with automatic positioning of chain ends;
  • coilers and decoilers for chains in reels and skeins;
  • chain drawing and braking units for application on hammering machines;
  • machinery for sanding pressed products also with automatic loaders;
  • numerical control machinery for precision coiling of flat wire;
  • machinery for winding and unwinding sheet in the annealing phase;
  • machinery for automatic polishing of the finished sheet;
  • machinery for automatic cutting the finished sheet into pieces;
  • special and exclusive dies-shears by customer order;
  • link creates machine.


Our products stand for rapid work, time saving, versatility and above all precision. Finally, to continue with the improvement of the services to the clientele, Due-Erre Srl is able to study and build complete machines and special equipment for companies with specific problems.